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Carrier analytics dashboard

Elevate your logistics strategy with our Carrier Analytics Dashboard. This powerful tool offers a comprehensive overview of carrier performance metrics, trends, and historical data. Uncover actionable insights that enable you to optimize routes, reduce costs, and build stronger partnerships within the transportation network

FMCSA approved carriers

Rely on a network of carriers that have received official approval from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Our platform exclusively features carriers that meet rigorous safety and compliance standards. Ensure secure, reliable transportation for your shipments by collaborating with FMCSA approved carriers.

Downloadable in CSV

Simplify your data management workflow by accessing carrier information in CSV format.


Find the right carriers efficiently by utilizing our filterable search functionality.

Updated Daily

Stay ahead in the fast-paced logistics landscape with our CarrierDataBank's daily updates. We provide you with the freshest data on carrier availability, services, and performance. With real-time information, you can make prompt decisions, respond to market shifts, and keep your operations running seamlessly.

Our Products


Gain access to a comprehensive database of registered carriers with Carrier Databank, priced at $99, empowering your system with real-time data for streamlined operations and enhanced decision-making.

CarrierDatabank API
CarrierDatabank API

Unlock the power of real-time carrier data integration into your TMS with CarrierDatabank API, priced at $199. Gain access to carrier data information programmatically.

Truck Decals
Truck Decals

Transform your fleet into a branding powerhouse with our Truck Decals, priced at just $49.99, ensuring your vehicles stand out on the road while adhering to regulations.

MC Certificates
MC Certificates

Ensure regulatory compliance and legitimacy with ease using our Mc Certificate service, affordably priced at just $14.99. Digital copy delivered instantly.

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